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Tentative Schedule - Please note "Tentative" . This is a learning process for all of us.  

Oct. 27 or Oct. 28 - Every secretary and at least one teacher facilitator from each building will attend WG Report Card training at the ISD.  

Oct. 29 - First generation of report cards (practice run) will take place. You will be able to enter grades, check standards, and make changes while the Override function is on. (If it is possible to do this earlier, we will.)  

Oct. 30 - Grade books are turned off. For those of you using the Grade book feature, all grades must be entered in your grade books by 4:00 on Thursday. At 4:00 final report cards will be generated.  

Oct. 31 - This is the final day to make adjustments to your report cards.  

Nov. 3 - The Grade book and Override features will be turned off and report cards will be printed.  

Nov. 5 - Report cards will be sent home.  

*You will not need to enter attendance. It will automatically be uploaded from SPM.

*You may type in comments while the override is on.

*WebGrader will not remove students who have moved. Teachers must do this.

*Once you have finished making changes in your grade book you need to check the "Protect Grades" box.  Once you check this box you may not make any other changes.

*For now, special education teachers may give classroom teachers a traditional written progress report to be sent home with the WebGrader report cards. 

*Specials teachers must set up a separate class for every section they teach. The teacher facilitators in your building can help you with this.

*We will have to add an SNU (Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, Unsatisfactory) key to every report card for the specials grades. Right now only K report cards have this code.  

 I hope this answers some of your questions and concerns. I'll keep you updated as we get closer to the end of the marking period. Thanks again to everyone for your patience with this new program.