How to Enter Grades in WebGrader During Grade Override Time

Don’t Lose Your WebGrader Grades!!!!

·       The grade book is like a separate program than your report card preview program and grade override program. 

·       Once administration generates report card previews, it collects all of the data in your grade book and puts it into the report card preview.  That is why you can’t preview report cards until they have been generated.

·       Then you have the ability to grade override (make manual changes to grades or manually enter all of them).

·       If you enter anything in your grade book during the grade override period, (ex: assignments and tests), it will not show up in the report card preview until administration generates again.

·       If you change anything in grade override and don’t protect it, then these changes will be lost when they generate again.  So if you are making changes in grade override check the “Protect” box.    Click here to view a screen shot of the "Protect" check boxes and button.

·       When everyone is finished, administration will generate a final report card and print.

*You will not need to enter attendance. It will automatically be uploaded from SPM.

*You may type in comments while the override is on.

*WebGrader will not remove students who have moved. Teachers must do this.

*"Protect" your grades once you are finished editing them.  When you click protect you will not be able to change these grades!!!  However if you do not protect, when administration generates again, you will lose your changes.

View the video tutorial below to learn how to use grade override.