Directions and Video Tutorial on How to Use the Individual Potential Plan (IPP) Software

Instructions for Web-based IPPs  10/6/08

Go to:

On your class roster click “Edit” next to a student’s name.
Check STAR scores in the achievement boxes to be sure they are correct. Change if needed.
Enter Targets in math and reading boxes for one year’s growth from the fall STAR scores. (ie. A 2nd grader who was at a 2.2 at the beginning of the year would be given a target of 3.2 for the end of the year.)
Click “Update Assessment Info”

Select Plan SubjectMath on pull down menu (under red “Plan” heading)

Click “Edit Plan Info”
Summary – Type in a short summary of a specific goal.

*Do not delete information typed in from previous year

Details –Type your name, year, and grade level.  Then type in the specific goal and teaching strategies that will be used to help the student reach the goal. 
Click “Update Plan Info”
Repeat steps 5-9 for Reading
 Select Plan SubjectOther Info

Click “Edit Plan Info”  

 Summary – Type in “See RtI Plan”, “See IEP” or “See 504” if the student is receiving services. (No Details needed here.)
 Click “Update Plan Info”
 Click “View Profile” at the bottom of the page.
 Click “Print” at the bottom of the page. 
 Print this page and review the goals with parents during Parent-Teacher Conferences on November 10th and 12th